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CEO - Micheal A Davidson OVERSEER- Bishop Tyra Parham & Pierre Salmon ARTIST - Shawny Wright- Davidson ARTIST- The Mighty Wonders ARTIST- Midnight Fire ADMINISTRATION - Levonne Miller ADMINISTRATION /DANCER- marsheka wheeler wray ASSISTANT/DANCER - Ursula D. Anderson EDITORS - Tamala Robinson, Kristie Littlejohn-Kendall DECORATORS- Loretta Singleton, Shay Pitt, Jackie Waddell MEDIA VISUAL- Joshua Bluford & Kimberly Lyles OUTREACH- MAD Women Min. Musicians BASS GUITARIST- Donnie R. Allen, Chris Meeks KEYBOARDIST- Deanna Edwards DRUMMER - Cameren Nash, Tae Jefferies (Stixx) GUITARISTS - Lloyd Williams, Jammie Jeter, Ty Erby, Drew Spencer, Clint, Jam Up Tate

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